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You can’t expect change by doing the same thing!

Belden “Noonie Man” Batiste, born and raised in New Orleans and is one of eight children and a member of the well known Batiste Family of musicians in Louisiana. He became a single father and raised his son from birth, Belden, Jr., who is now 20 years old. Batiste began his career in advocacy and human rights justice when appointed by Jerome “Big Duck” Smith as the Hunter’s Field park director at 14 years of age and served at the world renowned Tambourine & Fan Summer Camp.

Now he is stepping forward to give truth for the citizens Louisiana’s 2nd Congressional District. He believes that his neighbors are like him and deserve a true voice that can relate to families with a medium annual income of $30,000 and those whose income is over $60,000. Real representation is what Belden represents, not a celebrity watching a golf tournament during an impeachment hearing.

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